The Valhalla inn

Exploring the Valhalla's Secret Playground

The Treasure Of The Valley

New Denver and the area is an amazing place in the valley. Here are not only the views of the wild and majestic Selkirk Mountains in the Valhalla Provincial Park, but also many beautiful histories and stories about the special culture.

Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre

One of the nine West Kootenay internment centres for Japanese Canadians during World War II, following their removal from the BC Coast, by 1942, the camp held 1,505 Japanese Canadians, who built 275 shacks in a fruit grove known as the “Orchard.”

New Denver’s Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre is dedicated to the history of the 27,000 interned Japanese Canadians, and is a National Historic Site. Also, don’t forget to visit the instagrammable Kohan Reflection Garden, a Japanese style garden next to the Slocan Lake. 

Sandon Historical Society Museum

Sandon is in the foothills of the Selkirk Mountains in the West Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia. The near ghost town lies off BC Highway 31A, and is at the confluence of Sandon Creek into Carpenter Creek. By road, the place is about 14 kilometres east of New Denver and 43 kilometres west of Kaslo.

motor bike
Paradise for Cyclists and Motorcyclists

Paradise, Canadian style, is uniquely rugged: long summer days travelling endless twisty roads surrounded by jagged mountain beauty, ice-cold deep blue lakes and evergreen trees.

Enjoying the Slocan Lake in the Summer

There is so much fun you can do in the Slocan Lake! 

Paddle boarding, Fishing, Kayaking or more you can do while soaking in the refreshing water.

Another world covered by white

You may visit here in the winter to discover the different beauty of New Denver.

You can access to the Valhalla, Goat Range and Kokanee Provincial Park by ski touring, snowshoeing or snowmobiling. Ice fishing on the Summit Lake maybe another good choice for you to enjoy the peace here.

hotspring hiking golf
Chilling Yourself Surrounded by the Mathernature

There are more activities you may engage in here.

Relaxing your mental and body in the hot spring will be one of your choice. Three commercial hot spring: Nakusp, Halcyon and Ainsworth Hot Springs are less than an hour from New Denver. 

If you are a hiking lover, the several trails around the area might be caught your eyeballs. Hike up Idaho Peak and marvel at the alpine flora. Of course, you may find your own hot spring through exploring the wild area!

Slocan Lake Golf Club is just 5 minutes far from us. Staying with us to have a two-day golf trip will be one of a great way getting away from the hustle crowded.

violin art
Feeling the Art in the Valley

Last but not least, New Denver is a place where is full of art. Every year, the organization, Valhalla Fine Arts, hosts a summer programme in the area. Please come to join them or be an audience in order to enjoy the wonderful music. Meanwhile, many brilliant artists are staying in New Denver and the area. You can know more about them by visiting the gallery in town.