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The Valhalla Inn
P.O. Box 157
New Denver BC
V0G 1S0

phone 250 358-2228
e-mail: info@valhallainn.biz

Vancouver, BC 721 km – 450 miles          8hr 20min
Calgary, AB 560 km – 350 miles          6hr 54min via Hwy 1
709 km – 440 miles          8hr 3min via Crowsnest Trail (Route includes ferry)
Revelstoke, BC 150 km – 94 miles            2hr 28min (Route includes ferry)
Castlegar, BC Airport 96 km – 60 miles            1hr 19min
Kelowna,BC 342 km – 213 miles           4hr 48min via Hwy BC-23 S (Route includes ferry)
288 km – 179 miles           4hr 16min via Hwy BC-6 (Route includes ferry)
Spokane, WA 331 km – 206 miles           4hr 20min
Seattle, WA 721 km – 448 miles           9hr  5min via US-97 N
790 km – 491 miles           9hr 22min via Hwy BC-6 (Route includes ferry)